Meet the Master Teachers

Your Divine Mastery a program designed to meet your needs to acknowledge your own Mastery,  to step out of any veils of invisibility, and to allow you toreceive the metaphysical and spiritual concepts, higher insights, and energy tools you need to fully accomplish your own mission at this time of Planetary Ascension and Awakening with ease and grace.

About Our Master Teachers We bring a team of awesome spiritual teachers and healers each of whom have an extensive background on a wide variety of holistic and metaphysical disciplines and spiritual paths. Our intention  is to answer your questions and provide the tools, information and spiritual support you need to awaken to your Spiritual Lineage and Destiny with ease and grace.  (Information about our Master Teachers is being added daily as our website is “In Progress.”)

Kathleen Alexander

Anne Coles

Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D. ;  is a Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Energy Healer with over 33 years of personal growth and study with the Ascended Masters and 8 plus varied holistic healing modalities. She has been inspired by so many of you to co-create  Your Divine Mastery programs and services. She is recognized as a Teacher of Teachers, and Messenger for the Ascended Hosts of Light. She offers new programs to meet your need for information on what is happening during this time of planetary transformation and (to read more click here)

Heather Cronrath

Janet Doerr

Shanta Gabriel

Shahan Jon

Yonti Kelly

Mary Clarice McChrist (M.A.) is a Divine Mother, a prize-winning author of 9 books, spiritual teacher, visionary artist, Messenger for the Ascended Masters, the Holy Family: Mother Mary, Christ Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Saint Germain. She created one of the world’s first Ascension Centers in 1973-1978 in Santa Ana, CA. She was personally mentored to be an Official Messenger of the Spiritual Hierarchy by El Morya Khan, Ascended Master of Divine Will. Her work as a Messenger was reconfirmed in 1993 under Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.

Mary-Ma McChrist also offers Sunday Blue Rose Prayer calls from 10-11:30 A.M. PT. Call 605-475-6711; Code: 65-75-279#.  (Love donations gratefully received) Monthly teleconference calls cover unique subjects from the Divine Mothers and Ascended Masters. Check website to be on the mailing list for updates on these.  (Click here to learn more,)

Tiziana della Rovere

Mary Saint Marie