Janet Doerr – Testimonials

Back Pain Reduced by More Than Half

My personal reading was amazing last week. I have had lower back pain for more years than I can count. Finding out that it comes from many past generations of trouble with child bearing from both sides of my family surprised me. I have had my own issues with that. The back pain which has been at a 9 or 10 for as long as I can remember, has been cut to a 4. Bringing in the angels and my guides to help stop this negative progression is life changing for myself and my children. Janet also gave me some important information on nutrients that my body is missing. Speaking of my immediate family, they all have had their own important readings. My nineteen-year-old son has taken his own reading to heart, changing his diet and rethinking some life issues that he was having. Thank you, Janet, for your help in making our lives richer and healthier. JOANN WAGNER, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Janet’s highly perceptive awareness allows her to detect such things as nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, congested lungs which are heavy with grief, physical and energetic parasites, and gut microbiomes which are out of balance.   After clearing the energetic and emotional roots of a current experience, Janet also receives and shares information about the specific foods, nutrients, herbs, or health practices which would support her client’s healing and help restore their health and vitality.

Janet’s remote energy work has resolved painful back and posture problems, balanced central nervous systems, improved lung function, and restored a deep state of calm within her clients. Janet’s clients appreciate her masterful energy work along with her deep compassion and wonderful sense of humor.

The information you gave me about my body was spot on!

What an amazing session I had with you yesterday!  I woke up this morning still vibrating from the energies that I received and the information you gave me about my body was spot on.  What I love about Janet is that she will guide you through exactly what your body needs to heal itself through her incredible intuitive abilities and guidance from the Archangels as well as your higher-self, guides and Angels. And to top it off, Janet is so kind and loving.  When we spoke I felt as if I had known her all my life and we were best friends.   We covered so much in so little time from my nutritional needs, to past life traumas and healing them and to clearing the root of a current issue my body was going through that is totally gone this morning.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so grateful for having met you.  Your gifts and your knowledge are so empowering and truly a blessing to us all.  Much love to you. Barbara Mitchell

Blown Away! So Much Cleared… Experienced A Shift Like Never Before

During my phone session with Janet I was taken on a journey that included past lives, attached entities, angels and guides.  It’s astounding that you can live with a health challenge for so long and do all the right things to make it better but it never gets resolved.  I’m blown away as to how much was cleared in one hour with a shift I have never experienced ever before.  Janet also made many recommendations for appropriate foods and supplements that will support my health moving forward. I have been to many energy healers and medical intuitives over the years but no one holds a candle to what Janet did for me.  She is the real deal and blessed with a magnificent talent!  I am so grateful I found her and I can’t recommend her highly enough!!!  Sue D

Grief, Resentment and Suffocation Literally Lifted from Lungs

I’m very happy to be working with the amazing Janet Doerr! I had my session with her and this came as a big surprise to me: a whole big chunk of grief, resentment and suffocation was literally lifted from my lungs… I didn’t expect such a huge shift! Not only was I giggling away (after coughing, crying, blowing my nose, spitting… sorry!) but I noticed I was less out of breath, more willing to move and enjoy my body, and generally in a very uplifted mood even when outward circumstances prove to be challenging: THANK YOU dear Janet!”

After a second session, Caroline wrote:

Your ability and intuition literally make me fall over!!!I can’t help feeling that through you, one of my biggest dreams has come true: meeting my very own Fairy Godmother! Or should I say Fairy Source Mother!!! Just the sound of your voice quiets me down and seems to wash away worries and anxiety! Thank you for being here!  Caroline S., France

Health Concern Is Now Resolving Itself — Her Intuition Was Superbly Accurate

I met Janet Doerr at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland and was immediately struck by her humility. I knew that one day if I needed some help, I’d feel 100% comfortable reaching out to her. Well, after the diagnoses and recommendations of two NDs and an MD didn’t work for a minor yet concerning health challenge, that day arose. Janet provided an incredibly detailed intuitive written report, which identified some health imbalances and named specific foods, nutrients and some suggested supplements for me to consider. Janet’s insights resonated with me, I adjusted my diet, and the health concern is now resolving itself. Janet also added some other helpful bits of information about other life circumstances that she had no way of knowing about consciously; her intuition was superbly accurate! Much gratitude for you and all you do!  Dave Markowitz, Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author

One of The Most Amazing Energy Clearings Experienced in Years!

Yesterday, I met an amazing woman at the eWomenNetwork Portland luncheon:
Janet Doerr, The Intuitive Nutritionista. In a moment, Janet saw into the depths of what not just my body needs to be healed but also the emotional part of me that needs to be healed. I experienced one of the most amazing energy clearings that I have had in years! Self-sabotaging lies just kept bubbling up that needed to be cleared out and the energy release (sadness, tears and pain) that came with it was intense. Lies and pain that I didn’t subconsciously even know was hurting me. I stood there with her while she held a sacred space for me to release … she was my beautiful angel yesterday! Thank you Janet Doerr for the beautiful gift!” Amanda Bresee

Feeling considerably better after only a few days

I have been feeling considerably better both physically and emotionally after only a few days on your suggested supplements. I particularly appreciated your kindness, enthusiasm, and positive approach to all of life’s varying challenges. You gave me information I wasn’t aware of that because I had a history of chicken pox and mono, I might still have the Epstein Barr virus in my body.  This really resonated with me, as my past history, health experiences, and depleted immune system were definitely a match. The recommended book on this subject was a big help.   Mikaelah Cordeo, Ascended Master Channel, Author

5-week Program Is Unparalleled

I have been a hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner for over 13 years and in that time, I have taken MANY online webinars from a variety of people: many who are considered Rock Stars in their field. But my experience with Janet’s 5-week program is unparalleled. So much wonderful information from a woman who is sincerely committed to her work and to helping others. Thank you, Janet … you are a treasure and I can’t wait to see what you do next!  STEFANI SHERWIN, C.HT.

Reaching out to Janet has been my best decision of the year thus far!

Her program is full of all kinds of wonderful information that’s clear and concise. I love the downloadable PDFs of each telecast; most helpful to review notes at any time. Janet’s voice during the calls and mp3 meditations is calming, assured, full of wisdom and strength, without judgement or heavy handedness.  For truly connecting body, mind and soul, I know I’m in the best hands. Thank you, Janet.

  • Heather

Immediately Noticed Improvement in My Body and Digestion

Thank you so much.  The session you did for me has changed my life! Not knowing I was magnesium deficient, Janet recommended a new type of magnesium for me.  Taking the wrong magnesium has been a 20-year issue.  After the new supplement I immediately noticed improvement in my body and digestion, solving the problem! All other recommendations were spot on and exactly what I needed.  I’m grateful to Janet and highly recommend her for her gifts and medical intuitive work!!  Annett Schneider, Coach, Healer and Intuitive

81-year-old Mother free of headaches

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for sharing your intuitive gift with me and my Mom.  My Mom is 81 and taking a massive amount of medications, and for the last year, she has been suffering from debilitating headaches. The doctors tried every test imaginable but couldn’t figure out what caused the headaches. Using your gift, you clearly got that she was magnesium deficient and suggested Epsom salt foot soaks along with various magnesium-rich foods. When I flew home to Chicago a few weeks ago, I prepared an Epsom salt foot soak for my Mom and the very next day, she awoke without a headache! She was amazed that such a simple solution could have such a powerful effect.  She has been soaking with Epsom salts daily & has been headache free ever since.”  Kristen Fischer

I now see clearly how I created my physical condition.

Thank you.  I now see clearly how I created my physical condition.  Since my session with Janet, my shoulders feel lighter and lower back doesn’t feel so stiff, and it no longer pops when I stretch or twist.  Darlene in Milwaukee

I have felt more free and brave

Hi Janet! I am so grateful for our recent session. I have felt more free and brave since you helped me release fear.  Daniela in Saint Louis

My heart feels 10xs lighter

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the powerful session you had with me today. Our session triggered so many insights, solutions, and bigger and better perspectives. I am still grounding the powerful energies and emotions that came up and letting them pass through, but my heart feels 10xs lighter. I’m sure it’ll take a couple of days for the tsunami of emotions and energy to level off as they are still coming in waves. It was also liberating and joyful to know, by confirmation from you and the angels, that my intuition IS working and I’ve been doing the right things for me for where I’m at…it was like hearing an echo of what I already knew but wasn’t maybe fully trusting. I wanted you to know how grateful and appreciative I am. You went above and beyond. Thank you.  Whatever “blocks” I thought I had, I see and feel unraveling now.  Susan, Washington State