About us

Your Divine Mastery is a new 5th Dimension Program inspired by the Awakening Masters now on Earth. We who have awakened earlier and have paved the way, greet you and welcome your Love, your Wisdom and your Presence as we enter the long awaited 5th Dimensional Reality.

Our desire is to offer you our assistance and wisdom to facilitate your emergence with grace and ease. Each of our Master Teachers has awakened and served the Divine Plan for many years. Each has been individually inspired to create new programs that will be a Divine Complement to what you need to know right now to learn to work with your awakening gifts and optimize your integration of a whole new way of knowing yourself and expressing your Divine Plan as part of the greater whole.

Each of our Master Teachers has a rich and varied background in spiritual tools, metaphysical wisdom and is fully aware of what it means to know, love and serve God/Goddess and to express their own Divine uniqueness through many different paths all leading to the One.

You can explore who they are, what they are offering and find many resources for your journey on this website and its many links to other important spiritual resources.

We offer an expanding program designed to facilitate and support your Awakening process as we joyfully and gratefully enter the 5th Dimension – part of the Biblical promise of “A New Heaven and a New Earth.”

We cannot call you students because you are yourself living Masters. So we refer to you as Awakening Masters.

If you have questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Information:

Your Divine Mastery
Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D., Director

email: soulstarservices@gmail.com