Opportunties, Overwhelm, and Clearing All That No Longer Serves

by Mikaelah Cordeo

Wow! I’ve been experiencing loads of opportunities. And so many people I speak with are too. And they are experiencing OVERWHELM as they are trying to work with all of it.  Well, as the energies raise and raise and raise. We are needing to let go of what no longer serves and also to find a balance with all that we are choosing to do.

There are so many doors opening and new opportunities appearing. Part of the opportunity, was the ways my gifts could more fully express than they had ever been able to do before. I see that happening for everybody, but there are so many opportunities appearing that many are experiencing overwhelm from trying to ‘do it all.’

This brings to mind a quote from Alice Bailey. She was a channel for the Ascended Master Djwahl Khul and published many books of his teachings in the 1930’s. These are considered classics in the metaphysical field. A lot of depth and hidden meanings in all of those books. But there are a couple of things I particularly remember from several of the books.

This is one of my favorite ones. “In the beginning the lesson is between good and evil. Then it is between good and better. And then better and best.” I feel that we are pretty much closing up the lesson plan on good and evil. And moving into the lesson plan on good and better and better and best.” One of the reasons that people get overwhelmed, is they have to choose some balance in their life. They can’t do everything. There is some choosing involved.

There is a Spanish proverb, that is somewhat related. “Take what you want. And pay for it.”

If you are choosing balance and you are choosing between good and better, there are things that you can’t choose. My sister-in-law has this great magnet on her refrigerator. It says: “You can’t have everything! Where would you put it?” Well, you can’t do everything – at least not all at once. I figure infinity is a long time, maybe you can do everything, but not necessarily simultaneously (as we experience linear time). Time may be an artificial construct, but there are certain restrictions.

It’s not always obvious that we have to choose between this thing and that, but sometimes it is clearer than others. It is a new skill to pay attention to these details right now. So, if you feel overwhelmed by things in your life because there are so many opportunities happening, then remember ‘good and better’ and ‘better and best’. And the opportunities help you to define and refine what you love most and what you do not.

And the opportunities help you to define and refine
what you love most and what you do not.

Working with the Violet Flame: For those of you who are familiar with the use of the Violet Flame, use it to clear, cleanse and transmute all that you are releasing.  If it is a new concept, you can use it as a visualization. Imagine a campfire, imagine that it is Violet. And then release all that you are letting go of into the flames. Violet is the highest frequency color in the visible spectrum. Each color also represent different Divine Qualities. Violet is the Ray/Flame of Freedom, Forgiveness, the Transmutation of Negativity, and Divine Alchemy. Working with Light, Color, Frequency and understanding all as holding different Divine Gifts and Qualities may be a new concept to many. These are Higher Dimensional teachings that have been released by the Ascended Masters in the last century and are now being used by millions of people all over the Earth. We will be sharing more about the Divine Rays and their qualities, but this is an important place to begin. After you clear, imagine a Golden Sun over the top of your head and allow the Golden Light to move down through your head, your neck and shoulders and to fill your heart. From there allow it to fill your entire physical body – head to toe and then extend out into the layers of your auric field, the emotional body, the mental body and the higher spiritual bodies – Nature Abhors a Vacuum, so choose that which is beautiful, loving, filled with wisdom and joy and replenish yourself .

Every morning, you can (through your intention) work with the angels to release all that no  longer serves you into the Violet Flame. I recommend every day because the energies on the planet are raising so rapidly and so frequently.  You don’t have to know what each thing you are releasing is, but you can request that anything important be brought to your attention so you can be aware of it.  It can be anything from habits, beliefs, clothing, furniture, jobs, homes, relationships and…but you are making room for what is of greater purpose for your joy, your health, your prosperity, your life in every way.

I want to share a little about beliefs as an example of why we might want to do this. I experimented with this several years ago. I picked just any belief that came to mind. I put a lot of time and attention and used every tool I knew to clear this fairly innocuous belief from head to toes, through all layers of my aura, my soul, my lifetimes,… The belief was: “I am not alone.” I was in a beautiful serene location when I did this. I did it sitting still and hiking on a  trail on Mt. Shasta. Several interesting things happened that seemed to confirm the concept I was working on, when suddenly, while I was sitting quietly on a big rock, I felt One with everything. I could feel everyone at the campground, every person in each car that drove by. This state lasted for quite a while.  Eventually it faded away. But I contemplated what it meant. This is  my conclusion, though I’m sure there is even more to be gleaned from the experience. What I let go of was my third dimensional idea of what “I am not alone” might mean to me based on my lifetimes of experience here in the third dimension. What I opened up to receive was a new, bigger, grander paradigm that was what the 5th Dimensional understanding/knowing would offer me. So, I encourage you to feel and know that it is not just an interesting idea, but a grand surprise and Divine Gift of Awakening into what the 5th Dimension is all about.

We are moving as a planet into the 5th Dimension and learning both individually and collectively what it means. It’s and incredible journey and a precious gift. May we all, move into these wonders with Ease and Grace!